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Introducing New Partnerships, Affiliations and Collaborations at Kristen Rose Agency

Following our recent rebrand, we’re delighted to announce a number of new partnerships, affiliations and collaborations at Kristen Rose Agency.

We’ve teamed up with some of the best in the business to support our growth and expansion and to provide our clients with additional expertise and services.

 So, without further ado, say hello to:

 Scott Eddy – Digital Advisor

Scott is a globally recognized marketing expert, social media extraordinaire and influencer. A stockbroker in his past life, after being bitten by the travel bug he moved to Bangkok, Thailand where he founded a hugely successful digital agency, the first ever in the city. After selling this business, he focused on providing expert consulting to some of the world’s biggest brands and continued to travel, taking up residence in Spain, Portugal, the UK, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. He now calls Fort Lauderdale home and spends his time running marketing campaigns for internationally renowned luxury brands and sharing his expertise through public speaking engagements at industry events all over the world. Scott will consult with our clients to ensure that their digital marketing strategies are delivering results.

 Molly Greene – Creative Director

Molly is our go-to for all things creative and an expert in a full spectrum of creative services utilizing multiple platforms of brand communication. She has a varied wealth of experience from a career spanning 15 years in the creative design industry working with many mass-market and up-and-coming brands. Molly is hugely talented and has an original flair for capturing a client’s visual messaging and crafting it into a singular, cohesive brand voice. Molly will be working her magic with our clients to bring their brands to life in the most beautiful and powerful way possible.

 Chris Bal – Videographer/Photographer

As our resident rock star videographer and photographer, Chris is an expert in visual storytelling through the power of video and images. His expertise covers all aspects of video marketing, from planning to distribution. Chris’s services have helped countless brands, businesses and influencers engage with their target audience, increase their brand awareness and turn their audience into paying customers. Chris will be on hand to create stunning videos and images for our clients to help them deliver their brand message with a bang.

 We’re delighted to have Scott, Molly and Chris on board as we move forward with our continued growth and progression. They’re very excited to get to know and work with our amazing clients!

 If you’d like to know more about working with the team at Kristen Rose Agency and how we can help tell your brand’s story and get you in front of your target audience, get in touch now to set up a free consultation.