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When a Branding Expert Has to Re-Brand...

OK, I know - there hasn’t been a blog post for a little while. It’s because we’ve been busy working on something very exciting and now we’re finally able to tell you all about it!

So, where do we start? 

Well – let’s just say that we’ve been on one crazy, amazing journey since we launched just over 20 months ago. There’s really only one word that sums it up - WOW! 

It started with a dream and a desire to help small businesses find their voice, tell their story and build a rock solid brand for us AND our clients. 

We officially opened for business in January 2017 and since then we’ve gone from strength to strength. In what felt like no time at all, we went from a one-woman band of just our founder Kristen working on her laptop from anywhere she could find a spare spot, to a shared co-working space to opening up our very own office where we now have a full team.  

During this time, we’ve had the pleasure of creating magic with many inspiring people and our work has taken us somewhere different every day.   

We’ve been taste-testers, we’ve been on a safari, we’ve tried our hand at modeling and acting, we’ve zoned out to yoga and meditation, we’ve arranged for news crews to turn up to a client’s event within minutes and we’ve guzzled down some of the best milkshakes in the country; all in the name of sharing our clients’ superpowers with the world. 

But do you want to know the best part? We’re only just getting started! 

Due to rapid growth, expansion of our services plus some very exciting new partnerships and affiliations, we’re absolutely ecstatic to announce that we have officially rebranded as Kristen Rose Agency as of September, 2018. 

Thanks to our AMAZING creative partners including our genius creative director, Molly Greene, we’ve got this fresh new brand to complement and communicate the core values at the heart of our agency; to go above and beyond to help businesses of all shapes and sizes and nail their branding helping them get their message out so they can achieve growth beyond their wildest dreams and secure an established future in their respective industries. 

Our ongoing focus on these core values has been the same since the day we started and will never change; it’s just that now we are able to provide our clients with additional expertise and more services that will help take their businesses to the next level. The possibilities really are endless! 

We’re so proud of what we have achieved to date and we really couldn’t have done it without the support of our superstar clients and extended business family so we thank each and every one of you for believing in us and trusting us with your brands. It really has been nothing less than an honor and it makes our hearts sing to see you all grow and prosper because of the work that we’ve done together.  

We can’t wait to see what the future will bring and we hope you’ll come along for the ride! 


With love,  

The team at Kristen Rose Agency