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Client Sunny Arfa and Feel Great Mediate Featured on WPBF Channel 25

Watch Sunny's clip here: Feel Great Meditate on WPBF 2/20/17

I couldn't be prouder for client Sunny Arfa and her flourishing Meditation practice, Feel Great Meditate! When we first met to discuss promoting her projects in the South Florida area and consolidating her broad online presence, we assured her our efforts through the press could very well end up fruitless, especially four days before her event! As we talked, her infectious joy and enthusiasm made me feel more at ease and actually believe her affirmation a little more. I began to feel comforted by her encouragement and intention - she said if we put the intention out there we would get exactly what we wanted. (praying hand emoji)

I have not had much experience with madras or meditation and having a strong faith as a Christian always figured meditate was praying, but after being with Sunny and having her "work" on me, I feel as if there is something to this achievement of Zen through mediation and is something we all could use more of. If we can pray deeper and be more calm and intentional by using Sunny's tools and teaching to block out the outside world, why not try?

Her affirmation turned out to be true. I pitched the concept of our world being pretty stressed out right now, it's all around us. I said, "wouldn't it be great to feature Sunny to give just a taste of the peace she is capable of transferring over the TV airwaves and encourage those watching to relax just a little bit and make it through the rest of there day?"

WPBF loved it and picked it right up! Client success is so sweet when everyone wins!