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Kristen Rose Agency was founded by Kristen R. Noffsinger, who in fact began her career as a professional musician, soprano, voice coach, piano teacher and philanthropist.

After deciding that she didn’t want to focus entirely on her solo singing career, she put her networking, relationship building and positivity spreading superpowers to good use by throwing herself into the PR world and soaking up all that she came across like the little knowledge sponge that she is. Kristen Rose Agency was born from her desire to use all that she learnt plus her expertise and contacts to help small businesses find their voice, tell their story and build a rock solid brand.

Starting off as just Kristen on her own, we are now a full team of experts in public relations, marketing, branding and design. The core values at the heart of our agency are to go above and beyond to help businesses of all shapes and sizes nail their branding and get their message out so they can achieve growth beyond their wildest dreams and secure an established future in their respective industries.

Now, we know the most burning question on your mind right now is not should you work with us - that's a given. What you're really wondering is, does Kristen still sing? 

The answer is YES!




Kristen R. Noffsinger - Founder & President

After a multi-faceted career in marketing, development and PR, Kristen Noffsinger realized that her niche was building businesses up with positive encouragement, out-of-the-box creativity and strategic goal setting. Kristen is an expert branding consultant, content creator, copywriter, PR specialist, team leader and authentic storyteller. With a heart for the small business, Kristen seeks to exceed expectations and goals while maintaining brand integrity and value.



Lisa has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing. After founding her own apparel company which directly utilized her strengths in PR strategy, email marketing, social media management and blogging, Lisa sought to dive deeper into the world of PR. Lisa is a key component of our PR & marketing research and strategy planning as well as a dedicated team leader and client co-ordinator.


Cristyle Egitto - marketing MANAGER

Always one to wear multiple hats, Cristyle has worked in marketing, branding, design, public relations, social media and copywriting throughout her career. The founder of a successful blog and second generation commercial real estate agent, Cristyle brings a fresh take to business and engaging with clients and consumers. Her passion for local businesses has been a driving force in her professional endeavors as well as her community involvement.


Dariana molina - SOCIAL Media & PR Account executive

A trilingual, research driven, content focused, social marketing rockstar, Dariana Molina is a proud senior in the Palm Beach Atlantic University Public Relations program aiming to graduate December 2019. Starting as our intern, we were happy to add her officially to the KRA team. Dariana is a content driven, client relations team player and we love having her spicy Cuban personality around the office!



With a diverse background in finance, Scott founded the first digital agency in Bangkok, Thailand which was wildly successful. After selling this business, Scott focused primarily on building his personal brand specializing in social media platforms. Scott now develops marketing campaigns and is a globally recognized expert in luxury travel.



Chris is a rock star videographer and photographer who specializes in creative storytelling through visual assets. Chris is an expert in helping brands, companies and influencers connect with their target audience; increasing their brand awareness which helps to convert audiences into paying customers.

Molly Greene copy.jpeg


Molly has over 15 years of experience in the creative design industry, working with a number of mass market and up-and-coming brands. Molly’s expertise is in translating a client’s visual messaging to create a cohesive and singular brand voice. She offers a fulll spectrum of creative services working across multiple platforms of brand communication.

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